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Here at PondMan we pride ourselves in offering friendly pond builder and maintenance services for residential properties with a customer focus throughout.

Many clients ask me ‘what is the quickest and best way to transform and enhance my garden?’

The answer is adding a pond or water feature to complement the overall look of your home.

At PondMan, we have landscape gardeners whose areas of expertise include:

• Aquascaping
• Water gardening
• Water feature construction
• Pond building

We therefore look at your garden or back yard as a whole and will either blend your new pond to fit in with peripheral landscaping or if you like, we can design and construct a new garden or garden area around or alongside your new pond. We are passionate about our projects; we love to build ponds and water features and this is clearly seen from our personalised designs to our attention to details throughout the construction and on to completion.

Sydney Pond Construction Experts

From simple and small to complex and considerable water features we build design, construct and maintain them all. We have extensive experience designing and building a wide variety of styles and finishes with the knowledge and expertise to get it right the first time! The result is a beautiful water feature which will enhance your environment at home and draw positive comments and interest from those around you. Be the envy of your friends and neighbours as you relax around your new pond, use it as a socialising area and a focus for the garden or keep it as a private paradise just for you!

Benefits of Residential Water Features

Aside from aesthetics, there are other benefits that water feature builders can add to residential properties.

Increase Biodiversity in Your Garden

If you are a keen nature lover you will enjoy the increased biodiversity that a wildlife pond brings to your garden. A wildlife pond brings an increase in fauna at all stages of the food web and increases the available ecosystems both niche and holistically within your garden. Clients have reported a greater variety of insects such as damsel flies, reptiles basking poolside like blue tongue lizards and birds enjoying a wash and a feed.

Enhance Enthusiasm for Outdoor Space

Reignite your enthusiasm for your outdoor space with the addition of a water feature or pond. It will be the perfect reason to get out into the garden and unwind watching the fish and enjoying the gently moving of the water.

Enjoy Low - Cost Pets

No time to spend looking after expensive, time consuming and attention demanding pets? It’s time todiscover fish. Fish are a low cost pet, they do not need walking, there are no vet’s bills and they won’t bring bugs or dirt into your home. Psychology studies have shown that watching fish has a calming effect on us, an effect well known by doctor’s surgeries and dentist’s offices all over the world who have installed fish tanks in th eir waiting rooms to calm and relax their patients. You can benefit from this same calming and relaxing environment in your own back yard. Fish are loyal companions, always happy to see you and will often come to greet you at the edge of the pond.

Pondman – We Add Beauty to Residential Spaces


Many of our customers have commented on a change they have noticed where now they actively head into the garden to enjoy their pond. They view it as a relaxing and enjoyable feature as opposed to seeing grass that needs cutting or another garden maintenance chore to do. In some of our designs we have integrated a deck area to enjoy a coffee and breakfast in the early morning sunlight or a glass of wine as you unwind in the evening whilst relaxing in the sanctuary of your water world.


We have found many customers are so happy with their new water feature that they encourage their friends to contact us too and we are very proud that they recommend us in this way.


If you are more interested in a formal water feature like a classic or contemporary fountain or a self contained water feature we supply and install a wide range, many of which are manufactured on site at PondMan HQ.


Do you have an existing pond or water feature?


If it is tired, leaking or broken we can help you revive it and bring it back to life. We offer a re-design and pond restoration service. We are happy to come and assess your water feature and have discussion on the best course of action for you. We also provide leak detection and repair services.


We recommend that you install the largest feature you can initially as people often become very enthusiastic about their ponds with some even turning a normal everyday garden into an water garden paradise.


If you are thinking about enhancing your garden with a new pond please take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration or maybe you have something in mind already. Have a think about what materials you like, weather you would like fish, how much space you can invest, if you would like a waterfall, stream or multiple pools, underwater lighting and weatherproof garden lighting, plants with flowers and scent or additional features like a deck, bridge, pergola additional water feature and many more. If you have no start point that is fine too we can guide you through the decision process or present you with some design ideas and options we think will compliment your garden and you.


Now is the time to Contact Us at PondMan so we can help you realise your pond and water feature dreams and get you out enjoying your outdoor spaces.


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