About Us

The PondMan
Rick started his journey into water features from a very early age. He was born into the family business Miguel Angel Moral Garden Ornaments which was established in 1980, Miguel Angel Moral would often give his name over the phone and when not understood he would then say The Fountain Man! Miguel is and always has been the original Fountain Man . Rick learnt his skills from his father Miguel and his original trade as a master mould maker, his passion lead him to water and that is where not only did Rick love building fountains but also reveled in the creation of custom ponds and eco systems. Rick has gone on to become formally qualified in landscaping and is continuing his studies into garden design.  

PondMan Tom found his way to water features firstly through his love of water and the outdoors. He had various jobs on country estates and for small gardening and landscaping businesses before deciding to study fisheries management and aquaculture at a top European institute. Once he had completed his degree with honours he worked in gardening and landscaping before working at a pond and water feature company. Tom has run his own pond and water feature company abroad before rejoining Rick to form team PondMan as we see it today.

Elite Garden Ornaments became the new name of the business in 1998 and was incorporated in 2003.

Elite Garden Ornaments specialise in the design, manufacture and sale of water features, fountains, statues and garden  ornaments as well as construction and industry precasting. They found that people wanted them to install the beautiful fountains they produced and so they developed the knowledge and technical expertise in order to service these clients.

As a company and individuals we are constantly striving to better ourselves and our brand. Including a commitment to training. Most recently gaining qualifications in confined space entry and pesticides application. We believe that keeping ourselves at the forefront of our industry on paper as well as on the tools allows us to better service our customers.


Environmental statement:

We will always aim to minimise our impact on the environment by selecting the most ecologically sound materials in your price range and using responsible manufacture, construction and disposal practises.

We are proud that our ponds are designed to run in conjunction with nature as a functioning ecosystem. This is why you will see an increase in the abundance and variety of wildlife in your garden.